Forgiveness is Freedom

The story of David sparing Saul’s life in 1 Samuel 25 represents the power there is in true forgiveness. Its the forgiveness is freedom mentality.

Before David surrendered his need to avenge himself, the Bible tells us in 1 Samuel 25:4 that David cut off a corner of Saul’s cloak, but immediately after he did so, David was stricken in his heart with regret.

David recognized that he had trespassed on a divinely protected area.

When we continue to read further, in 1 Samuel 25:12-19, we see David surrendering this rivalry between him and Saul and then something happens as a result of David’s act of obedience. 

In this encounter, the Lord softens the heart of Saul and as a result, Saul recognizes that David could have taken matters into his own hands but instead, David chose to allow the Lord  to take full control of this situation.

As I read this story, (one of my favorite stories since it personally symbolizes so much to me), it reminds me of my relationship with my mother.

After years of carrying resentment toward my mother, I remember a night while in her house visiting and having had a heated argument with her. 

I fell to my knees crying uncontrollably to God in the bedroom. 

I still remember that cry that turned into a prayer. I cried, “Lord, I don’t even know nor care anymore who is right or who is wrong. I’m just tired of being so sad. 

I cannot recall one childhood memory of ever feeling loved or even being kissed by mother. Lord I forgive and let go and I ask that you would forgive me.”

On that long night with the Lord, I wept, I prayed, I stood silent before the Lord but I felt a tremendous surge of peace and comfort. Something happened in me first. I felt the grip begin to loosen and on that night I forgave and let go.

The Lord performed a spiritual surgery inside my soul where Forgiveness is freedom was realized.

He gave me a new insight. I was no longer willing to play games with allowing His truth to separate what God allowed me to see. 

God’s truth allowed me to see the one who hurt me was also weak, needy, and a fallible human being.

The next day as I was leaving my mother’s house to go back home, I sat in the driver’s seat of the car waiting for my mother to say goodbye to my kids.

As she made her way to my side of the car she said to me, “I’m sorry for not being the mother that you needed. I love you”, and then God granted me the one thing that changed the trajectory of my relationship with my mother. 

My mother took me in her arms, hugged me tight, and sent me back home with the kiss I was so desperately missing from my childhood. 

At that moment there was a deep connection. A connection that by the Grace of God was made new.

Today, I am so grateful to God for the freedom he gave to both my mother, and to me because of the power of forgiveness and submission.

When I, like David, had recognized that I had trespassed, God stepped in  and any wrong that had been done truly became irrelevant.

Marleene is a single mother to four beautiful girls who she refers to as her Daughters of Promise. She is also a grandmother of two.

Currently living in Macon, Georgia where she is the lead teacher for the one year old class group at her church.

Marleene loves to write, spend time with her family and enjoys gathering with her friends for a simple time of fellowship. She also enjoys working out in her spare time.

She is grateful for Gods Grace that has carried and sustained her as a single mother.

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