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Eunice made a divine encounter that would change her life forever.  She met Elizabeth Rodriquez at a women’s retreat where Elizabeth became her mentor and began serving in the Medical Missions Ministry.

Sister Elizabeth asked Eunice if she would go on a mission trip to Haiti. This would seem impossible to Eunice because she was a single mother with three little girls at home.  She needed to pray and seek guidance from the Lord.  

In the meantime, Eunice agreed to help in the kitchen to raise money for traveling expenses.  She would also help at the prayer vigils by making hot chocolate for the attendees at 3 am.  

As she prayed she was reminded of a prophecy she received at 16 years old. 

A woman that was speaking in tongues prophesied to her the following: “The Lord said He was taking you out to preach the word to people that have a real need.”

Once Eunice remembered this, she knew she had the answer.  

The Lord also used Elizabeth and Lydia Padilla to confirm the prophecy. 

All Eunice could do was to pray because she knew this was not a vacation. She was reminded about Paul, you have to do things you don’t want to do.   

So she continued to pray. With the help of her mother and sister she was able to make the trip.  

Her first trip was in Paraguay and then Santo Domingo. Eunice said when you go to any country it’s all different experiences.  

There have been good times and bad times during her many trips. 

Her worst experience, she will never forget. A lady came with a baby that had water in the brain. When Eunice saw the baby she cried. Even as she told the story, she was visibly upset. 

The brain was swollen and the eyes were not positioned in the right place. She wanted to do the impossible to help the baby. The baby had an odor so Eunice showed the woman how to wash the baby.   

The team prayed for the baby and the mother accepted Jesus as her savior. 

She thought she could come back to New York and raise money for the surgery, or plead with the local government to do something for the child.   However, none of that was possible. 

Medical Missions Ministry

When she went to Guyana, Africa she saw a little child on the highway. The kid was putting sand in a hole. They stopped to give him some food. He ate, ran away and then disappeared into the jungle. 

She could not believe a little boy was alone and then took off into the jungle.  

In Jamaica there was no water in the hotel. They needed to put a bucket to collect the water every night at 3 AM, so it could be used later in the day.  

Some places don’t even have medical supplies.

Eunice says that when she went to Guana, Africa she learned the type of church she was a member of.   There is a building named after Apostle Luciano Padilla and a school named after Blanca Padilla.  

She was so excited and honored to see the fruit of her pastors.  Eunice learned that we are a missionary church and says that many people do not realize where they are seated.  

She shares her experiences with her daughters so they know how blessed they are and not take all they have for granted. 

Listening to Eunice talk about her many experiences during her mission trips is very inspiring.   She is interested in mentoring people to continue with the Medical Missions ministry at the World Harvest Community Center.

Eunice tells the younger generation that may be interested in missions to pray first. There is training to make sure everyone is prepared for what they will encounter.  

They show pictures of bathrooms or the living conditions of the different locations.  This way it won’t be a shock.  

She knows God will provide the younger people to move forward with the Medical Missions Ministry.  

During the pandemic all missions trips have been canceled but that has not stopped Eunice.  

Every Saturday she evangelizes at the Holding Hands Food Pantry along with other ministers. 

Not only is she praying for those that come for food but she is also making food deliveries to those that cannot make it to the food pantry.  

Eunice says that she must continue with missions because “God is not in quarantine”.

Recently, Eunice received the honor of the Apostle Luciano Padilla, Jr. Excellence in Leadership Award for her selfless acts of service to her community.

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