Spiritual Growth

Faith Is Our Foundation

Our faith in God Is the foundation of our walk and can only come through meditation of the Word and prayer. that is how our faith is strengthened and renewed. 

The Keys To Freedom In Christ

hat are the keys to freedom in Christ? How do we unlock them? How do we actually live this out? The answer lies in our relationship with Jesus. He is the key to unlocking this freedom.  

6 Ways to Grow Your Faith in God

Let’s discuss the many ways to grow Your faith in God. Its not a one-size-fits-all process but there are some things that you can do to help develop and grow your faith.

Ways to Make Time For God

These are just a few of the many ways you can make time for God in your busy day. You can do all or just some of these things.

Importance of Walking with God

It is vital that we understand the importance of walking with God; and to establish a relationship with Him, and through that relationship, learn what God expects from us in our lives.   We have to understand the importance of having a close relationship with Him and spending time with Him every day. This is the …

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Above All Else, Guard Your Heart

Let us raise our guards against the temptation to sin against God and let us protect others and ourselves by sticking close to Him. 

The True Description of Angels in the Bible

If we look deeper into the word we will see that the description of angels in the bible is so .far from the cute little babies with wings, carrying a bow and arrow.far from the cute little babies with wings, carrying a bow and arrow

Armor of God, Protecting Our Citizenship

We need to protect our citizenship like we have the military protecting our country.  How do we do that?   We protect our citizenship by wearing the Armor of God.  

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