Time To Make A Healthier Lifestyle Change

Are you ready to make a healthier lifestyle change? are you to a point in your life where you feel sleepy all the time? Do you struggle to run up the stairs without getting out of breath? 

You may be in your first zumba class in your local gym or heading out for a run, and wonder why you are wasting your time. 

You may not feel inspired by a plate full of vegetables and healthy food. 

Getting over the initial hurdles will be worth it, and you can experience some real benefits to your daily life. 

So here are a few reasons to get started and how to go about doing it. 

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Benefits Of Exercise To Improve Your Lifestyle Change

Maybe you have noticed you are adding weight and want to change. 

Then now is the time to start thinking about your fitness and lifestyle change.

After all, you are a steward of the temple of the Holy Spirit. 

It’s never an easy thing to start but exercising can have so many positive effects on you as a person. It can help with your mood and mindset. Keeping you feeling positive and motivated. 

You begin to look good in clothes, which can have a major impact on your confidence. 

It can improve your life in so many ways. 

Small Changes For A Healthier Lifestyle Change

You may have big ambitions, we always go hard in the beginning but make sure you are realistic. 

The big targets can feel so far into the future and you start to get discouraged. 

Then you end up quitting.  I’ve been there time after time. 

making small, reachable goals will keep you motivated to achieve your end goal.  One baby step at a time. 

Instead of running through your neighborhood just go for a brisk walk.  Enough to get your heart pumping.  

Or instead of heading straight to the free weights at the gym try the treadmill for 20 minutes.  

You want to gradually build stamina and endurance. it feels amazing when you hit those goals and do them regularly. 

And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great. (Job 8:7)

Be Inspired By Someone Else’s Journey To Success

Sometimes the trick to help you keep inspired is to look for it. 

Find someone that is already where you want to be, for inspiration and guidance.  

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17)

There are people on social media documenting their journey that can help you to stay on track. 

Also, there are a few FB groups that you can join that will inspire and encourage you as you begin your own journey.  

There are so many blogs out there that you can follow if you want to remain anonymous.

Often these blogs are full of tips and tricks for things such as different exercises that you can try and alternative ways you can reach your goals. 

It’s More than Exercise, It’s A Lifestyle Change

It is not just about your exercise routine or schedule. It’s about a complete lifestyle change. 

So this is down to the food you eat, the supplements you take, the amount of sleep, and the rest you get. 

First of all, your diet is important. You won’t see any benefits of exercising if you are still munching on burgers and chips at every opportunity.  Believe me I know. 

You can find so

Psalm 16:11)

Put on some worship music and get lost in His Presence, there is no way you remain the same. 

It helps you to keep your mind on the right path. Everything is connected. 

Document Your Healthier Lifestyle Change

Another thing to consider which can be a great way to help you stay on track is to think about documenting the changes. 

This can be a great way to keep you motivated by simply looking back on old photos that you may have posted.

You can also share your journey online with friends and family. Go through your profile and you can see the changes over time.

So many people do this and find that it can help them stay accountable for their actions. 

Healthy Lifestyle Change, Healthy You

A lifestyle change is more of a journey and it involves different areas of our life. 

Once you focus on one area of your life it will affect other areas.

As you begin and see results you will wonder why you didn’t make this change years ago.  But it’s never too late!

Improving your concentration, and the way you look and feel is just the start of it. 

Whatever your long-term goal may be, it’s easily achievable. 

It’s just good to remember that these things take time. 

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

I wear many hats; Wife, Mom, Minister, Blogger and Entrepreneur.

It’s not easy juggling everything but with the Grace of God, I can do all things!

My plate is full but my cup runneth over!!

8 thoughts on “Time To Make A Healthier Lifestyle Change”

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing. Small changes, I think that is key….and having patience with yourself. Really good and inspiring read!!

  3. Wonderful reminders for how to make a lifestyle change. I’m currently in the throes of doing just that. I’ve found comfort in several self-help book. Exercising in nature has been very helpful too. Walks on the beach, in the forest, etc. It gives me time to meditate on my worries.

  4. All great tips you got here, exercise is a form of self care for me also. Glad Im on track with your tips.

  5. It definitely is a lifestyle change, and that needs to be the mindset before moving forward. Otherwise it’s easy to get discouraged if you see a lack of results. Great thoughts and tips here!

  6. Indeed we also need to take good care of our bodies and that starts with the food that we eat, the activities we do and the lifestyle we live. Oh, how guilty I am of these things, especially with exercise! Thank you for the good reminder.

  7. Thanks for the tips. This area of exercise has really been a struggle for me, but I am taking it easy on myself. I try to stay active and walk and do light exercises when I can.

  8. I really liked your suggestions. When I was young, I was the skinniest kid, just naturally, and so exercise wasn’t something I cared about one bit! I got into exercising about a year ago after I had surgery and was gaining weight. I feel much better but sometimes it sure is hard to keep up with it, because its not “really” something I enjoy and didn’t grow up with good exercise habits. You’re right – something we just need to go with some small goals otherwise we’ll feel overwhelmed!: )

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